Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the only constant in my life is change.
i know in my faith there's the thought that God is constant. and in a way he is, but he enables/causes change. nothing in my life stays the same for more than 5 years...tho i could argue that in my life my mind and general looks are constant, things around me, the general atmosphere i exist in, doesn't stay the same.
i shouldn't be too upset, but i kinda am aching emotionally for a friend that has had a really rough time in the past 5 years. i've known her for 3 of those years, and i don't know what to say to much of her life. Although i am a listener/chatter i don't always, fact rarely, feel i have the right words for comforting her's and mine mind.
facts are facts, sometimes there are no right words, just 2 ears for listening.

change being that i feel i'm going to lose a group of friends once this instigator/ leader takes off. which leads into the process of developing new friendships, and having hope, that friendship will not be lost, with this change.,

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