Saturday, March 5, 2011

today is the first day in the rest of your life!

as i sit here, in the living room of apt 2 in salem, ma. i ponder what a silly creature i can be. the bruins are on an i'm here with cheese, thinking of whether or not i want wine(that has been so graciously passed to me by Joyce), and i'm content. i will try not to compare myself to friends because it's superfulous. i have my story, they have theirs. but ain't it cool when they entertwine?
i am agreeing with a friend more and more that online dating is for the birds. i really think that i almost am trying too hard to find someone and not sitting back and appearing disinterested. isn't that how it works? when one is not interested mr(or miss) right wanders into one's life?
(chara is the man)

so, being a silly creature, almost in love with hockey completely, and also being 30 and not happy with the idea of being "content" being single for life and relying on friendships to guide me through bouts of loneliness or flat out wanting human touch(in that way). i wonder if i should make any more effort? maybe working, socializing, and hockey can carry me through til the next jerk(or possibly gentleman) takes me out to a live show or cafe?

i won't hold my breath, but i'll try almost anything at least once.

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